What is the difference between music and sound? What are the similarities between sound and visual stimuli?


I make fixed, mixed, and multi-media works concerned with the tactile, metaphorical, and poetic layers of energies often overlooked amidst our sheer volume of daily obligations and spontaneities. My aim is to highlight these perceptions and their myriad interpretations. Inevitably, no matter how we define energy, we all experience its panoply of attributes: abundance, scarcity, flow, stagnation, and beyond.

Joshua Alexander

Human | Composer | Sonic Artist

MWAH, 2024
text, sound, found footage.
2:09 min.

A meta-narrative experiments with the idea of storytelling by drawing attention to its own synthetic creation. MWAH layers and intermingles sequential, chromatic, spoken-word, and cultural structures to invoke rich interpretations of perceived events and circumstances. Shaped by individual beliefs, these potential interpretations give meaning to each personal experience.